• Works

    Music composed for various genres

    Film and TV Scores

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    • Every Bastard Has A Sorrow, Original Film Score
    • The Man of Soccer, Original TV Series Score
    • Dali Holiday, Original Film Score
    • Highway of Love, Original Film Score
    • But Always, Original Film Score
    • The Flowers of War, Orchestration and Production of Film Score
    • Coming Home, Orchestration and Production of Film Score
    • Forbidden City 100, Original Documentary Score
    • Huai, the Open Door, Original Documentary Score
    • Jinling: Predestined to Buddha, Original Documentary Score
    • Spy Game in Ancient Soochow, Original TV Series Score
    • The Carven Flower Building, Original TV Series Score


    • The Legend of Tiger Hill
    • The Vanishing River
    • The Aroma of Exotic
    • Color of Tears
    • Chrysalides


    • Maple in Twilight for Ensemble
    • Three Overlapping Sounds for String Quartet
    • Piano Trio for Violin, Violoncello and Piano
    • Three Art Songs for Soprano and Piano
    • Elegy for String Orchestra
    • Yue Wei Yang for Traditional Chinese Instruments Ensemble
    • Frailty for Tenor and Piano


    • Etude for Concert for Piano
    • Melody of Autume for Piano
    • Variation for Piano
    • The Grand Canal for Piano
    • Sonata for Piano


    • Home In Jiangsu, Theme Song of 1st Jiangsu Development Summit
    • Love Love Aloha, Theme Song of the Film I Love That Crazy Little Thing
    • The Man of Soccer, Theme Song of the TV Series The Man of Soccer
    • The Origin of Fates, Theme Song of the Documentary Jinling: Predestined to Buddha
    • Romantic Attachment, Theme Song of the Documentary The Louvre Meets the Forbidden City
    • The Sorrow from Wind and Rain, Theme Song of the TV Series Feng Yu Diao Hua Lou
    • The Echo of Strings, Theme Song of the TV Series Spy Game in Ancient Soochow

    2008 Beijing Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

    • Fanfare for the Ceremony, Original Composition
    • You and Me, (Official Theme Song of 2008 Beijing Olympics, Performed by Sarah Brightman and Liu Huan) Orchestration
    • Dream of the Five Rings, Orchestration
    • Ritual Music, Orchestration
    • Lighting of the Olympic Cauldron, Orchestration